Basically, this is the 4th incarnation of InsolenZ.

That means there have been three incarnations of InsolenZ before this one.
There was the original InsolenZ, which was alright as websites go, and I'd still say it was more entertaining than most other websites about. It was an experiment of sorts for me in making websites. Unfortunately, as has pretty much always been the case, it had the most random and meaningless small selection of content serving no real purpose as such. Its long since dead in every form.
Then there was InsolenZ MK2, the second incarnation and probably the best of the three. Its content was incomplete, but it was the most practical, the most basically asthetic and generally the most like a normal personal website. It was simple, without the funny navigation and graphical excess of the first. Its content wasn't impressive, but at least it was vaguely structured and didn't go under any false pretenses. It stayed around quiet a while, basically.
And of course there was the 3rd InsolenZ, otherwise known rather randomly as 'Frozen Horror', though I suppose that was because I thought it sounded cool at the time. The 3rd InsolenZ was basically just a small "fuck you" to a lot of people who seem to think that navigation has to go a certain way. Unfortunately it turned out to be nothing more than a graphical gimmick and I never gave it any real content whatsoever. An utter failure on my part. Why I kept it around so long I don't know.

And all that leaves this as the 4th incarnation. I've labelled it 'Cynicism' for kinda obvious reasons. InsolenZ has always been a vague form of self-expression in some way or other, and much as I have changed, so it has changed from time to time. Now much as the 3rd incarnation was somewhat of a "fuck you" to various people, this is somewhat more of a "whatever..." to...well, plenty more people.
It lacks graphics
It lacks style
It lacks content

More importantly though...
It lacks concern.